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Man Alive got Greenlit

It is a dream for us and it is about to become true!

Great news everyone!

We got Greenlit on Steam and preparing the game for the launch soon.

Thank you all for making it happen and for believing in our game.


Greenlit on Steam

It is Alive! Man Alive!

It is alive! Finally!

Man Alive is alive and Man Alive Steamout on most platforms.

Please tell all your friends, family, cats, dogs and gold fishes to support our game!

Man Alive iOS (iPhone/iPad) link:

Man Alive Play Store Android link:


Help us to get it out on Steam.

Vote yes for this little Man Alive.

SteamVote now on Steam!

Now on Steam: Man Alive – vote YES now!


Man Alive Steam

It is a dream for us and it is about to become true!

We added our game on Steam. That was the good new so far.

Now the bad news is that Steam will only publish it, if we have a certain number for YES votes.

So, we need your help to make this happen. We (body) count on you 😉




Vote yes for this little Man Alive.

 Vote now!

Man Alive Closed Beta – For Train2Game Students

Man Alive is in closed beta – Finally!

For Train2Game students for now.

Man Alive Closed Beta





Official Website:

iPhone Cocos2D Space Shooter Showcase

Here is a short video of an iPhone space shooter showcase (POC) developed in Cocos2D we developed. This is done for our clients and partners who want to see our game skill set.

New Apps and Unity Game development in progress

We are working on new Apps and a Unity Game at the moment.

This is really exciting for us, so watch the space…

CountDownerâ„¢ Lite for Android out now!

The CountDownerâ„¢ Lite for Android is out now. It is a fantastic App for everyone who is deeply missing the seconds in the iPhone Clock App and want (or needs) some vibration, every second tick sound and a count down voice too!

It is for everyone who:

  • Wants to be as efficient and precise as the Germans in meetings, presentations (Toastmasters) or conference calls
  • Limit the time to be more efficient and effective for daily tasks (focus)
  • Fancy’s a countdown voice for i.e. New Years Eve or starting a rocket launch (we don’t recommend that you start a real rocket launch at home though)Like to have a physical vibration for the last 10 seconds (i.e. presentations)
  • Finally you can set the time to cook a 4:30 minute Egg precisely
  • Count down voice (kind of sexy)
  • Always tick sound every second like a Metronome (optional)
  • Vibration the last 10 seconds (optional)
  • Change wheel numbers in 1, 5, 10 number steps for an efficient time set-up
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Transform Your Ideas into Apps

We are a Mobile Application Development business, committed to creating mobile applications (Apps) and games to gain exposure for your business. Our goal is to help existing business’s to make their presence known in this emerging mobile market.

Along with building applications for our clients we also have our own portfolio of applications.

We are an approved developer for Apple, Google, Microsoft and Samsung.