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Euro 2012 Game for iPhone & Android released

A new card game for Football (Soccer) is released for iPhone & Android.

A real Football fan will be excited!

It is great fun!

– 26 country cards to play
– Play on the Bus, Train, Plane, Car etc

Have fun!

Android app on Google Play

Find Your Mojo App

Wondering what is your purpose in life? Struggling to get into the flow, to enjoy life and what you do every day? Using some simple questions and blending your imagination with your experience this app taps into the essence of what makes you tick and identifies your unique talent and your personal contribution to the world.

Check it out now!

Get immortal in Man Alive game on Indiegogo now!

It is a dream for most gamers to become immortal by seeing his own in the credits or even be part of the process in a game development phase!

You have now the opportunity to be come immortally in our latest game in development where our character is, well immortal – kind of…

Check it out on Indiegogo now!


We need YOU! Game designer and App developer wanted

Your Empire needs you - job offer


Check out our jobs and internship page and apply now!

CountDowner™ Lite – Timer Clock App

The CountDowner™ Lite is a fantastic App for everyone who is deeply missing the seconds in the iPhone Clock App and want (or needs) some vibration, every second tick sound and a count down voice too!

It is for everyone who:

  • Wants to be as efficient and precise as the Germans in meetings, presentations (Toastmasters) or conference calls
  • Limit the time to be more efficient and effective for daily tasks (focus)
  • Fancy’s a countdown voice for i.e. New Years Eve or starting a rocket launch (we don’t recommend that you start a real rocket launch at home though)Like to have a physical vibration for the last 10 seconds (i.e. presentations)
  • Finally you can set the time to cook a 4:30 minute Egg precisely
  • Count down voice (kind of sexy)
  • Always tick sound every second like a Metronome (optional)
  • Vibration the last 10 seconds (optional)
  • Change wheel numbers in 1, 5, 10 number steps for an efficient time set-up

The Riffer™ Lite – App Review

Idea Apps and Global Empire Soft are proud to present our new iPhone App.

Check out this new amazing App. We got 5 stars from Innovation Tools – the best guys around in the area of Ideation!

“The Riffer is an intriguing new ideation tool for the iPhone and iPod Touch that leverages images and your brain’s power of association to generate fresh ideas. By randomly drawing up pairs of images from its vast library, the Riffer acts as a stimulus to the right-brain, causing it to create associated ideas, links and metaphors.”

Here is the link to the review.

Download our iPhone App for free now!
Let us know if you are interested to promote YOUR business with a fancy App that gives your clients added value and separates you from the masses.

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Transform Your Ideas into Apps

We are a Mobile Application Development business, committed to creating mobile applications (Apps) and games to gain exposure for your business. Our goal is to help existing business’s to make their presence known in this emerging mobile market.

Along with building applications for our clients we also have our own portfolio of applications.

We are an approved developer for Apple, Google, Microsoft and Samsung.