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Man Alive available on Steam Early Access

Our dream came true!

Our game is now available on  StSteameam Early Access. It took a long time to get where we are now. Well the game at least. As a team we had our ups and downs to survive and keep going.

So again, thank you all for making it happen and for believing in our game.

Man Alive Steam






We would love to hear from you how to make the game even better and add more content to it.

Link: Steam Early Access

Euro 2012 Game for iPhone & Android released

A new card game for Football (Soccer) is released for iPhone & Android.

A real Football fan will be excited!

It is great fun!

– 26 country cards to play
– Play on the Bus, Train, Plane, Car etc

Have fun!

Android app on Google Play

Get immortal in Man Alive game on Indiegogo now!

It is a dream for most gamers to become immortal by seeing his own in the credits or even be part of the process in a game development phase!

You have now the opportunity to be come immortally in our latest game in development where our character is, well immortal – kind of…

Check it out on Indiegogo now!


The Dead Guy – Unity Game

Here is another game we did on the last Global Games Jam 2012 in just 48 hours!

Check it out on Kongregate!

There are 2 levels so far, so don’t get too overexcited!

Let us know your feedback on this one …

Dead Guy

Free Flash Game out Now!

Rusty Valve and Global Empire Soft proudly present their

first free Flash Game to the public … Bungino Brothers !

It is a team game where you, yes and you there too – wait for it – have to communicated with your game partner to succeed! Cheating times in school are the past, lets collaborate in this game and in real life! Enjoy it!

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Transform Your Ideas into Apps

We are a Mobile Application Development business, committed to creating mobile applications (Apps) and games to gain exposure for your business. Our goal is to help existing business’s to make their presence known in this emerging mobile market.

Along with building applications for our clients we also have our own portfolio of applications.

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