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CountDowner™ Lite for Android out now!

The CountDowner™ Lite for Android is out now. It is a fantastic App for everyone who is deeply missing the seconds in the iPhone Clock App and want (or needs) some vibration, every second tick sound and a count down voice too!

It is for everyone who:

  • Wants to be as efficient and precise as the Germans in meetings, presentations (Toastmasters) or conference calls
  • Limit the time to be more efficient and effective for daily tasks (focus)
  • Fancy’s a countdown voice for i.e. New Years Eve or starting a rocket launch (we don’t recommend that you start a real rocket launch at home though)Like to have a physical vibration for the last 10 seconds (i.e. presentations)
  • Finally you can set the time to cook a 4:30 minute Egg precisely
  • Count down voice (kind of sexy)
  • Always tick sound every second like a Metronome (optional)
  • Vibration the last 10 seconds (optional)
  • Change wheel numbers in 1, 5, 10 number steps for an efficient time set-up

Free Flash Game out Now!

Rusty Valve and Global Empire Soft proudly present their

first free Flash Game to the public … Bungino Brothers !

It is a team game where you, yes and you there too – wait for it – have to communicated with your game partner to succeed! Cheating times in school are the past, lets collaborate in this game and in real life! Enjoy it!

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We are a Mobile Application Development business, committed to creating mobile applications (Apps) and games to gain exposure for your business. Our goal is to help existing business’s to make their presence known in this emerging mobile market.

Along with building applications for our clients we also have our own portfolio of applications.

We are an approved developer for Apple, Google, Microsoft and Samsung.